Lakbay Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro is an image of tropical paradise - white sand beaches, clear blue waters, coral reefs in varied colors, cool rushing rivers, hidden waterfalls and lush green forests covering majestic mountains. With its largely unspoiled natural beauty, the province has much to offer in terms of tourism and investment.

With awe-inspiring natural landscapes, authentic experiences and vibrant culture, Oriental Mindoro offers a unique set of activities and destinations to explore. These attributes, coupled with the warmth of Oriental Mindoreños, uniquely position the province’s Lakbay Oriental Mindoro brand at an advantage.

The tagline “Lakbay Oriental Mindoro” communicates the unique attributes of the province to tell a story that connects with visitors and their memorable travel experiences and journeys to its different destinations.

The brand uses the Tagalog term “Lakbay” basically meaning travel or journey which is the very essence of tourism. However, the statement “Lakbay Oriental Mindoro” denotes a deeper sense of journey as it not only means to travel from point A to point B but it signifies the full immersion of a traveler to the heart and soul of Oriental Mindoro. The statement also highlights what it feels like to experience the journey to the province and the sheer variety of activities available to visitors.

Lakbay Oriental Mindoro advocates the concept of the Oriental Mindoro Loop/Circuit where travelers are encouraged to not only enjoy just one destination but to experience more than one tourism destination in the province. This campaigns tourists to enter in one destination and leave in another while experiencing everything in between.

Lakbay Oriental Mindoro Tourism Mobile Application and Website